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WELCOME to employlaw.com. Since 1996 we have been helping employees and employers deal with workplace frictions and controversies.

Our award winning Site discussing employment law was the first California website on the Internet back in 1995-1996 (what I call 100 years in "Net years.")  Since 1996 employlaw.com has discussed frictions and controversies arising in the workplace and selected insights. We also provide information sufficient to gain a preliminary understanding of problems and  how the law might deal with them.
Note: employlaw.com is not an all-encompassing research repository nor one-stop problem solving site. If it were we would be compelled to impose access charges to recoup production and maintenance costs.

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Subjects Discussed:  Inside you will find information on wrongful termination; breach of contract; business torts; trade secret theft; wrongful demotion; sex, age and race discrimination issues; failure to pay wages, overtime, and waiting-time penalty payments; Labor Code violations such as meals, breaks, uniforms; noncompete and no-solicitation agreements, injunctions, TROs (right to work issues); unemployment claims; workers' compensation; union matters, and more.
Dispute Resolution/Litigation:  Information on dispute resolution methods, including Federal District Courts and State Superior Court trials, litigation in general, and appeals through all appellate courts.  We discuss alternative dispute resolution [ADR] methods including arbitration, mediation and the federal court's Early Neutral Evaluation program [ENE.]
The Bureaucracy:  We discuss the multitude of administrative and regulatory agencies related to employment matters, including:
Department of Labor ["DOL" - Federal labor or "wage" law enforcement]
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ["EEOC" - federal discrimination enforcement]
California Department of Industrial Relations [Regulation of employment conditions]
Bureau of Labor Standards Enforcement [California's "Labor Commissioner"]
Department of Fair Employment and Housing ["DFEH" - Discrimination law enforcement]
Workers' Compensation Appeals Board  ["WCAB" - Workplace injuries and disabilities]
Employment Development Department ["EDD" - Unemployment benefits and claims]


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